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     Extremely User Friendly Timetable Software.
     Timetable Generation in one click.
     Manually Adjust Timetable After Generation.
     One Click Substitution of Absent Teachers.
     Prints Numerous Analysis Reports.
     Provides Facility to Generate Web Files.

Making Timetable Was Never So Easy !

Timetable creation for an institute is a complex job, which is bound by many governing factors. The Timetable should be in such a manner that the periods allocated to the teachers and classes fulfill certain criterions and constraints. eTimetable is a comprehensive time table management solution for schools & colleges, which helps in overcoming the challenges. School timetable software provides extremely simple interface to enter all subjects, classrooms, teachers and their workloads.



Automatic Generation

eTimetable handles the constraints with respect to teachers, classes, labs, continuous periods for a particular subject, combined classes taken by one or more teachers.

Grouping Subjects

It allows you to define grouped subjects e.g. Maths / Biology. It means the class gets automatically divided and goes in for two different subjects.

One Click Substitution

Automatic substitution of absent teachers with balanced load distribution. Daily substitution for absent teachers, teachers on leave or for teachers who are not available can be easily generated within no time.


Online & Upload

Online module is an extension to view Time Table online.The Time Table Software provides facility to generate web files (html format) for displaying the class wise Time Table on your website within no time.

Manual Adjustment

Flexibility to manually adjust the time table after generation.It is quick and easy to enter all subjects, classrooms, teachers and their workload.

View Teachers' Current Location

The current location of all the teachers in just One Click. The free teachers can also be viewed at any point of time to assign any additional responsibility.

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Substitution in One Click !

eTimetable is a school timetabling program which efficiently handles daily substitution for teachers not available or absent. eTimetable also takes care into account teacher leaves and teacher availability. Additional load is distributed in such a manner that all teachers tends to get a balanced workload.

Automatic Summary Reports And Daily Printouts Daily substitution printouts for teachers. It also computes overtime for every teacher. Automatic SMS alert to substitute teachers.

SMS alert Generate automatic SMS alert to substitute teachers.

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Powerful Features

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    User Friendly

    Extremely User Friendly Timetable Software.

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    One Click

    Timetable Generation in one click.

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    Flexibility to Manually Adjust the Timetable After Generation.

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    Analysis Reports.

    Prints Numerous Analysis Reports.

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    Generate Web Files

    Provides Facility to Generate Web Files.

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